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Source Systems
Metric Tracker has experience interacting with a vast array of collection systems:

Dialers / Telephony Receivable Hosts
Cisco - IP Contact Center (IPCC) Accelerated Data Systems (ADS) - Advantedge
Collection Data Systems (CDS) - CollectOne (Tiger) Allied Business Systems - absVision
Dial Connection - DPTS Enterprise Allscripts - Healthmatics Ntierprise
Quantrax - iTel Dialer Collection Data Systems (CDS) - CollectOne (Tiger)
SER Solutions - Call Processing System (CPS) Columbia Ultimate (CUBS) - Collector System
Strategic Communication Systems (SCS) - ASD Softswitch Comtech - Collect!
Touchstar - CT Server Fiserv - Comprehensive Banking System (CBS) / ClearTouch / iVue / GL / AP
  Frontrange Solutions - Goldmine CRM
  Latitude Software - Latitude
  MARS Medical Systems - NetPractice
  Quantrax Corporation - Intelec
  Total Systems - TSYS
Source System Challenge:
Take the Metric Tracker Source System Challenge. Should your company use a source system that's not listed above, receive a 50% discount on your initial project fee with us. We will prove we can productively access and report on your system.

Report Distribution
Too often in finance or call center environments when management decisions need to be made, information is both scarce and scattered. Reports are useless if they can’t get into the right hands in a timely fashion. Metric Tracker’s proprietary software addresses this problem with a web-based dashboard and report distribution engine. Moreover, we are expert at employing already available and familiar technologies (Microsoft Excel, Tableau Dashboards, Business Objects Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services) to simplify and streamline report access, generation and distribution.

Data Marts & Warehousing
Consumer finance and collection systems are typically transaction-based systems built for speed, not built for data retention, analytics or reporting. The result is systems with inadequate and therefore under-utilized reporting.

Metric Tracker’s data warehousing initiatives entail dimensionally structuring user data into a “star schema” which is intuitive, powerful and extensible. We then build and deploy OLAP-cubes populated with your data to facilitate interactive, high-value and high-performance output. Metric Tracker can take the data from key operational/transactional data sources in your business and integrate the data into a fully conformed data warehouse to provide industry-best decision support to your business.

What’s more, with our extensive background in financial services and collections environments, we can leverage our exposure to industry-wide norms and our already-developed, largely modular data models to allow for delivery/usability times in days or weeks instead of months or years.